Wednesday, March 14, 2018

#TrioThursday: Red OTK Boots

Sometimes you have an occasion and you get a dress pair of shoes. Other times, a pair of shoe finds you first. Hehe. 

Ok, admittedly I stole that line from one of the bloggers I'm following. Lol. Coz I feel the same way about these over-the-knee pointed booties that I've been eyeing on since I saw them on Fendi's A/W 17 runway last year - those lipstick-red versions in super-slick leather that's also spotted on many street style stars and influencers. In my mind I have already rearranged my wardrobe around them so when I found them in Gamiss' gamut of shoe styles around late last year, I did not pass up on the chance to style it. And did you also know that they have size up to 43? So awesome! Lol!

The thing is, I was ready to wear them in my HK trip, but there were some logistics issues encountered so they arrived only a little over last week. :-/ It may be a bit hard pulling 'em off now that summer season is so on but I'm optimistic though that this will be trendy by end of this year so I'm safekeeping it. For the meantime, while here in Jakarta, these are the ways I would style it. What do you guys think?

Stiletto Heel Pointed Toe Over the Knee Boots

Beret: Zaful; Dress: H&M; Bag: Mango

Beret: Zaful; Dress: Dorothy Perkins; Blazer: H&M

Shirt: J Crew; Coat: Zalora; Earrings: Mango

P.S. All styling are by yours truly. This post was made in collaboration with Gamiss. You may use GamissChen to have additional 10%-20% off. :)

Sunday, March 11, 2018

The Heat Is On

2,784 km down from Manila, rest assured that the heat is also definitely on in this city I am in right now. Though sporadic rains are expected at this time of the year here in Jakarta, the weekend is still an excuse to go visit the islands or probably chillax by the pool (if you're unable to do so, like us. Boo!)

I don't have any summer plans as of the moment but if you my dear reader, has already got it figured out then congratulations! May I recommend some swimwear from Rosegal? Be it Manila or Jakarta, they ship anywhere around the world with about 3000 styles to choose from here

Since I'm "positive" about yellow overshadowing lilac for this season/year, I opted for this cutout minimalist one piece. But some of my other picks are these slimming pieces (here and here) and more yellow, more fun here and here. As for this cutout piece, you can check it out in the link below and use the discount provided at the end of this post. :)

P.S. All styling are by yours truly. This post was made in collaboration with Rosegal. You may use RosegalChen code to have an additional 10%-20% discount. :)

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Zaful Women's Day Promotions

Who run the world? Girls!!! We are in a time that it is great to be a woman. In the early centuries women were always deemed to be lower class in society and can't perform and enjoy equal rights with men. Though we must admit that there are still places in the world that women are being suppressed to reach full potential, but majority are exercising their rights and achieving their full capacities. It's still a long run but soon we will be able to achieve it,

I am proud that I am a woman. I am proud of how we have become empowered, that we are not only seen in society as household people. We can now speak out our minds, occupy positions in businesses and governments, be educated and basically do our things, be independent and successful in our chosen fields of interests. 

To celebrate the independent and empowered women of the world, Zaful is launching their annual Zaful Women's Day Special Promotions just a little tribute for us females who make things happen. This promo offers a lot of deals and surprises for Zaful customers, like Free Shipping (everyone loves free shipping right?), discount coupons, buy more save more, Zaful points (which you can use to lower the cost of your entire order) or 90% off deals. 

Don't forget to share this news with your girlfriends so they can also avail of New Member deals and you together with your friends can also avail of the BFF Look book and Combo Sets. Also in this promotion, Zaful will also be offering Self-Service Refunds and Extended Warranty Returns for 45 Days. Oh and there are games too where you can win free shipping, coupons and points. Check out the info graphic that I included in this post for more details. 

Later lovelies... (cue in Beyonce' s Who Run The World song...)

Bodysuit and The Manila Project

Are you one of those traveler who ever googles "instagrammable places of" wherever your destination is? Haha. I'm guilty of that. This app has really changed the way we travel. It's helpful in a way though I think.

With quite a lengthy business trip this week that spills over to next week, I was left with nothing but search for pretty interesting places to visit here in Jakarta. It's quite tough though as I've always likened this city to Manila whose redeeming qualities of the country it belongs to lies in the outskirts or in their islands. I mean, Bali would be nice but it's not really an option as of the moment. Also, not that I haven't been here before on a holiday. But like I said, IG is changing things now which means some tourist spots may have changed from how they were like before? Hmm, we shall see about it.

Meanwhile, here's a feature of some of Manila's finest locations where I chose to shoot this bodysuit I got from Rosegal. It has a faux leather front panel and a deep neckline that's way too sexay. Yay! Lol! You can check it out in the link below. 

In the future, please expect more of Manila's finest features here in the blog where I choose to call it my Manila project. You can already check out the first one here. :)

P.S. All styling are by yours truly. This post was made in collaboration with Rosegal. You may use RosegalChen code to have an additional 10%-20% discount. :)

Monday, March 5, 2018

HK/ Macau: The IT

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Disclaimer: this is not a how to travel in HK on a budget post but I guess touring with three elders (senior citizens, even) to one of the most expensive cities in the world allows you to be a bit creative in planning the itinerary since skipping some of the usual haunts is already given. The end result is a rather cheaper itinerary while still making the most out of the Fragrant Harbour. Did you know they offer discounts to foreign senior citizens? Amazing!

With two theme parks crammed in this city already chopped off the list and a little googling on IG-worthy spots in HK, here I present to you some of HK’s attractions that truly makes you say “the best things in life HK are free.” :)

Nan Lian Garden
Easily one of my fave public parks in HK. It's a classical garden amidst Diamond Hill's high-rise apartments that's beautifully landscaped. I like how rules are strictly implemented to keep the serenity of the place and that proper clothing should be observed. Hope my choice of clothing matched the elegance of this place.

Kowloon Park
Admittedly, came here just to see the HK Avenue of Comic Stars and were so overwhelmed that we didn't explore much what this park has to offer, haha! But apparently, it's a huge park that was once an army fortress. The seniors did get to enjoy their fitness facilities in preparation for activities later that day hehe.

Sai Wan Swimming Shed
My brother Lem and I almost gave up finding this place because of the wrong info we got from the web. Ugh. Good thing, even amidst the 10 degree cold, we managed to locate it right before its prettiest state. It really feels like one perfect hideout and also the best sunset viewing location in HK. If the photos below didn't reflect any sunset at all, it's because the brother took all the photos during that time. Lol.

High-Rise Apartments
Pretty common housing form to observe in this densely packed mega city, they're colorful, dizzying and of course a blogger's favorite. This one in Diamond Hill (close to Nan Lian Garden) gives off some LA vibes.

Choi Hung Estate

Quarry Bay's Montane Mansion
Of course, this place would just appeal so much to my brother simply for being a shoot location of Transformers movie. It's quite a trip going there from the central but it's cool seeing them up close. 

Some of the free admission attraction sites that we checked out are Central's Art District (try the Mid-level escalators being the longest outdoor escalator in the world?), of course the Symphony of Lights show at Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront (don't forget the yummy mobile softee and take the cruise before the show as it's free for senior citizens, hehe) and the night markets in Mongkok area. :)

In Macau, I took the family to Taipa Village because I've never been there (lol!). It's a colorful village with a blend of Portuguese and Chinese architecture that's a little similar to Senado Square with its shop and dine offerings but with lesser crowd. :)

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Of Blacks and Weddings

As someone who considers herself a fashion rule breaker, I'm still a bit perplexed how I'm quite a traditionalist when it comes to this rule of no black at weddings for a guest. This occurred to me one time when I saw my most favorite fashion blogger (one that I really admire the most) choose this color (or lack thereof) for such an occasion. It took every ounce of strength not to comment how it felt wrong.

I looked back at some of the weddings I attended where I tried my best to coordinate to the motif of the wedding because I believe I read that etiquette sometime before (relative or not). Sure, there was this one time where I wore a black shiny vest and tutu skirt plus gladiator heels but that was because the theme was rock and roll. Even the bride was in black gown. Gasp!

I did some digging to this topic and a lot of reputable fashion websites (Vogue, included) do say that time's changed and black is now acceptable to weddings. The only rules that strictly stand are not to upstage the bride and avoid white. But of course! I'd say I still like the tradition of not wearing black for weddings but should a black tie theme come soon in the calendar, I might try to shake things up and wear this gorgeous Zaful bandage LBD that's versatile, chic and slimming. What's your take on this rule? :)

P.S. All styling are by yours truly. This post was made in collaboration with Zaful and Rosegal. You may use ZafulChen and RosegalChen to have additional 10%-20% off. :)

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Dots and Hearts 😍

Everyday is a heart day. We don't need a special day for that. That's the official excuse of someone who didn't find the time to blog before the big hearts day! 🙄

Totally meant to do the shoot earlier but I was too bitter for V-day alas, life happened! I rarely go to this mall but it was fun discovering this mini theme park when we were doing our special Retropop classes for gym membership promotions a few weekends ago. The best thing about this SM By the Bay is, there's no entrance fee! I did see a love lock section somewhere here too so it's quite a place for lovers - if that's your thing. 😛

Anyway, not only do I have a date reco for you but also a cute date outfit in this Zaful number. The frills, the dots and hearts? It's just impossible not to 😍 in this set. This post may be a little late for V-Day but it's still the cutest summer matching set you'll ever have. Right? And if you fancy getting a pair, check it out in the link below.

P.S. All styling are by yours truly. This post was made in collaboration with Zaful. You may use ZafulChen to have additional 10%-20% off. :)